Desired Student Outcomes- Early Education (One-Year-Olds to Pre-K)

At Family Life Academy we focus on every area of development. When the physical, creative, social/emotional, language, and cognitive skills are given attention, the child develops into a well-rounded person with an instilled interest in learning.  As a school that focuses on the development of the whole child, we expect your child to leave our learning center with:



  • The knowledge that he is accepted and loved by God unconditionally;
  • An enthusiasm for learning;
  • A sense of success and independence;
  • Increased decision-making skills and awareness of responsibility;
  • The ability to be expressive, spontaneous, and creative;
  • An awareness of everyday disciplines and an ability to use those disciplines when guided with consistency and love.

These goals will be achieved through a balanced variety of experiences in the four developmental areas: Motor, Cognitive, Social/Emotional, and Language.

  • One-Year-Olds to Pre-Kindergarten: Please click here for PROVIDER RATES.